Need a dog walker in a jiffy? Download a new app called Wag! and you can arrange a 10-minute pee break or an hour long leg-stretcher for Fido in seconds.

Like Uber and Airbnb and other apps that connect people who have something with people who need it, Wag! connects available dog walkers to dog owners (and doggies) in need. Let's say you're stuck in a meeting and know your dog hasn't been out all day, cue up Wag! and you can arrange for your pup to get out the door. Headed out of town? You can also schedule dog walks in advance. Fees range from $20 for a one-on-one 30-minute walk to $30 for an hour.

So how do you know that your dog is really getting the walk that you're paying for? A GPS tracker followers the dog and walker in real time so you can see where they are going and even what stops they make. And not just anyone can sign up to be a Wag! walker. In addition to a background check, potential dog walkers have to undergo a lengthy application process with preference given to those who have professional experience in caring for dogs. Dog walkers also undergo training to learn how to handle situations ranging from bee stings to hot pavement.

If you have more than one dog, you can arrange to have them walked together for an additional fee of $5 per dog. Wag! is also hoping to add group walks to their menu to reduce the fee further, but that may still be a few months out. Another cool feature? Dog walkers send a report after the walk to let you know the time and distance of the walk along with a poop/pee indicator so that you know how things went.

Apps such as Zingy and Swifto offer similar services but are limited to Los Angeles and NYC respectively. For now, Wag! services are limited to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland in California, and Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York, but if the popularity of Uber and Airbnb are any indication, Wag! may soon be coming to a dog park near you.

Wag! It’s like Uber for dogs that need a walk
Set up a quick puppy potty break or a longer stroll with a few clicks on your smartphone.