What's more fun than posting a selfie? How about posting your selfie alongside your perfect dog look-alike?

Now you can do just that thanks to a Twitter user who is quickly taking the Internet by storm.

Here's how it works: Twitter user @YouAreDogNow accepts photos from tweeters and matches them up with Internet photos of dogs that look spot-on similar to the original. Then they post the photos side-by-side letting tweeters know, "You Are Dog Now."

You have to see this to believe it:

See what I mean? It's pointless and silly, but it's also crazy funny. And come on, you know you want to see what you might look like as a dog. So go ahead and give @YouAreDogNow a follow and send along your favorite selfie. Then just sit back and wait to see that magic tweet: 'You Are Dog Now!'

Fortunately, while you're waiting, you'll find lots of doggie doppleganger tweets to help you pass the time. Here are a few to get you started:

And a personal favorite:

Want to know what you would look like as a dog? Of course you do
Brilliant Twitter account matches tweeters with their dog doppelgangers.