Need a break from the negativity? Look no further than this sweet dog as he takes a moment to be kind to his friend.

The two dogs can be seen approaching a door together. The larger, Labrador-sized dog flicks the door open with his paw and trots off inside. But the smaller dog is stuck outside. The little pup lets out a bark and his big buddy returns, heading back outdoors where he can open the door once again, but this time he holds it open for his friend before they both head off indoors.

Between the election and social media, this past year was a rough one in terms of how we've been treating each other. It seems too many of us have forgotten how to simply be polite.

Maybe we just need to take a lesson from this sweet old Lab. We don't all have to look alike or do things the same way to get along; life is just better when we treat each other with kindness.

We could all learn a lesson from this polite dog
These two pups remind us that life is better with friends.