Wet Dogs: Pancake and Chelsea
Pancake and Chelsea (Photo: Sophie Gamand)

Bath time may not be a pup's favorite activity, but if these comical "Wet Dog"' portraits are any indication, there may be a silver lining to this necessary evil.

The dog lover behind this endearing series is Sophie Gamand, a New York-based photographer who regularly focuses her lens on canines to examine the relationship they have with humans.

"Wet Dog is a series of dogs captured at the groomer during their least favorite activity: Bath time," Gamand writes on her website. "I chose this activity because it is a very unnatural one for the dogs, yet it is a direct consequence of their cohabitation with humans."

Seeing our best friends in such a vulnerable state can be comical and heart-wrenching — especially because canine facial expressions possess an uncanny resemblance to our own.

Gamand began photographing soggy doggies a while back, but after some of the images went viral, she felt compelled to put together a complete "Wet Dog" photo book.

Cover of "Wet Dog" book
(Photo: Sophie Gamand)

The comical coffee table book, which is now available for purchase, is filled with 120 photos of these soaked doggies — each sporting his own unique post-bath expression.

Continue below for a look at just a few of the images featured in the book.

Wet Dogs: Benji
Benji (Photo: Sophie Gamand)
Wet Dogs: Marnie
Marnie (Photo: Sophie Gamand)
Wet Dogs: Wanda
Wanda (Photo: Sophie Gamand)

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