Get ready for your daily dose of awws.

If you love a good pet rescue story — and really, who doesn't? — then you will love this sweet story that Zooey Deschanel shared recently on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."  

In the clip, Deschanel shares how she headed to the shelter recently to check out the pups because her boyfriend wanted to get her one for her birthday. The celeb instantly fell for a sweet little puppy named Dot, but soon realized that Dot had only recently been reunited with her sister, Zelda. The two had been found shaking in separate cages at a different shelter by volunteers from The Bill Foundation. When they were brought together, the two dogs could not have been happier.

“It was like sisters reuniting,” Deschanel said. “They started licking each other’s faces.” The Bill Foundation told Deschanel that they could not separate the two dogs so soon after their recent reunion. So, what did Deschanel do? Well, what would you have done?

Of course, she brought home both dogs, and it looks like these two sweet pups have landed themselves in dog heaven.

Here's the clip. Enjoy!

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