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10 fascinating facts about cats

By: Networx Systems on Feb. 29, 2012, 12:47 p.m.
siamese cat sits next to siamese cat toy

Photo: pawsforportraits/Flickr

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Cats can be cloned

Have a favorite cat with the best personality ever and a lot of extra money to spend? Have ‘em cloned! Yes, the technology exists and is accessible if you have the dough to fork out. “Little Nicky” was born in 2004 and was the first commercially cloned feline. Reportedly produced from the DNA of a deceased Maine Coon, the owner doled out $50,000 to replicate a new version of an old friend and claims the personalities of the two cats are strikingly similar. (If cloning isn't in your budget, may we suggest the route taken by the cat pictured here named Moo Shu, who is not a clone, and her "best friend" Moo Two.)