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10 fascinating facts about cats

By: Networx Systems on Feb. 29, 2012, 12:47 p.m.
two cats peering out of kitty condo

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Here, kitty kitty

People love their pets. Be it a cat, dog, hamster or goldfish, most U.S. residents have some kind of non-humanoid companion sharing their home. According to a survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), however, cats win hands down when it comes to the sheer numbers that reside in American abodes.

The facts about cats confirm there are over 73 million in houses throughout the country, as opposed to 68 million dogs. Although many dog owners would disagree, that means cats are the preferred pets among the four-legged furry variety.

Ken Hubbard is an antiques dealer with the company 2wice As Nice in Wheat Ridge, Colo., a suburb of Denver. He’s also the owner of two black American shorthairs, Lace and Bear.

"Cats can be fun, intuitive and loving. But they can also have an evil side," Hubbard chuckles. "They have their routines and they can be very demanding. Mine will torment me in the morning until they get me out of bed, with lots of stalking around the room and covers and a lot of meowing."

If you’re a cat lover you’ve certainly experienced both sides of the coin. For your reading pleasure, we’ve pulled together a handful of interesting facts about cats.

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