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10 of the world's most laid-back dog breeds

By: Sidney Stevens on April 18, 2016, 1:57 p.m.
Great Dane couch potato

Photo: John Hurd/flickr

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Easy does it

Not all dog devotees want a tireless canine companion for mountain hikes or hyperkinetic games of Frisbee. They’re not looking for challenging personality quirks; they just want an unflappable and adoring best buddy to chillax with.

The following dog breeds are among the most imperturbable and amiable around. True, many are also some of the biggest and most beastly looking. But as you’ll see, looks can be deceiving. You may have to get past the high-energy puppy stage for most of these breeds, using plenty of patient training and opportunities for socialization. But after that you should have a serene and agreeable companion for life. You can learn more on the American Kennel Club website, but read on to get an overview of some of the most laid-back, people-loving pooches on the planet.