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12 pets that survived crazy accidents

By: Morieka Johnson on Oct. 2, 2012, 6:32 p.m.
black dog wearing surgical scrubs

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Another reason for insurance

Accidents happen. Pets get sick. Some even consume sewing needles or try to bite chain saws, requiring a trip to the emergency hospital. While it helps to have a little money set aside for unexpected incidents, the prospect of sky-high vet bills also underscores the value of pet insurance. It’s a topic that gets serious consideration at my home every time VPI Pet Insurance announces nominees for its Hambone Award, which pays tribute to the most unusual pet insurance claims filed by clients each year. The annual event honors a dog that managed to eat an entire Thanksgiving ham while trapped inside a refrigerator. (Fortunately, my Lulu prefers to be hand-fed snacks from the fridge.)


Check out VPI’s nominees and their ER exploits, along with a few cautionary tips to prevent similar incidents in your home. By the way, all pets featured in this story lived to enjoy other adventures. (Text: Morieka Johnson)