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13 cool pet problem-solvers

By: Morieka Johnson on Feb. 28, 2012, 6:07 p.m.
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Janene Zakrajsek, owner of Pussy & Pooch pet stores in California, fielded several requests for a pet GPS system before she chose to carry the Tagg Pet Tracker. Consider it a bit of insurance if your pet ever gets lost. Attach the tracking device to your pet’s collar and set a defined boundary. If your pet goes beyond the safe zone, Tagg will send email or text alerts to you and your list of contacts. The gadget costs $99.95 and comes with a $7.95 monthly subscription service for those tracking features. 


“It doesn’t replace an ID tag or microchip; it’s just one more layer of protection so that you can get back your lost pet,” Zakrajsek says. “Also, if you live in an urban area and you perhaps use the service of a dog walker, it’s another way to monitor where your dog is and if they get out of the approved zones.”