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4 incredibly loyal dogs

By: Laura Moss on Dec. 16, 2011, 8:37 a.m.
A golden retriever

Photo: Rodrigo A. Caetano/Flickr [CC by 2.0]

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Lady the golden retriever was 81-year-old Parley Nichols’ constant companion for six years, and the dog stayed by Nichols’ side even as he developed dementia and began to lose his memory. When Nichols went missing in Ohio on April 8, 2010, so did Lady, and the police spent a week searching for the pair until they found the canine and her owner in a field. Nichols had died of heart failure, but Lady never left his side, staying alive by drinking water from a nearby creek. The loyal dog didn’t want to leave Nichols, but his family eventually took her away from the tragic scene and adopted Lady as their own.