Can you identify the animal by its foot?

Puppy paw and baby foot
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From paws and hooves to claws and talons, a variety of animal feet walk upon the Earth. Can you recognize the animal based on its foot alone?

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cat paw
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What furry creature does this paw belong to?

Cats have glands between their paw pads, and when they scratch a surface, they deposit their scent.

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greyhound dog foot
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What kind of pooch does this paw belong to?

Greyhounds have some fast feet. This dog breed can reach average race speeds greater than 40 mph.

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alligator foot
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What reptile walks on feet like these?

On land, alligators can reach speeds of about 11 mph, but they're twice as fast in water.

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bunny feet
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Whose four little feet are these?

When rabbits sense danger, they stamp their feet to alert others.

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cow hoof
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What type of animal walks around on hooves like these?

Cow hooves are typically divided into two equal parts called claws.

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St. Bernard paw
Photo: Elaine Ashton/flickr
This paw belongs to a large working dog from the Swiss Alps.

Breeds from cold climates like St. Bernards have large paws with greater surface areas to help them walk across snow and ice.

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Which bird has feathered feet like this?

Several species of owls have feathered feet to keep them warm in cold climates.

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capybara feet
Photo: Volga/Shutterstock
Whose webbed toes are these?

Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world, and their webbed toes make them great swimmers.

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polydactyl cat paw
Photo: Roham Sheikholeslami/flickr
Which animal is known to have the occasional extra toe?

Polydactyly is a typically harmless genetic mutation that causes a cat's paws to have extra toes.

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gorilla foot
Photo: Petr Student/Shutterstock
To which primate does this foot belong?

Although gorillas are capable of walking on two feet, they typically walk on all four limbs.

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goat hooves
Photo: Rebecca Siegel/flickr
Whose hooves are these?

Goats have cloven hooves, which means they're split into two toes.

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clydesdale horse hooves
Photo: Orin Zebest/flickr
Which animal has feet that look like this?

Feathering is the presence of long, silky hairs skirting the legs and feet of horses such as Clydesdales.

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This paw belongs to a Lykoi, which is also known as what?

Lykoi cats, which have thin, wiry fur, get their name from the Greek word for wolf.

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Puppy paw and baby foot
Photo: jill_erin/Shutterstock