Can you name these cat breeds?

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Do you consider yourself a cat person, or maybe you're simply curious about cat breeds? This quiz will test how well you know some of the most popular and more obscure breeds of Felis catus.

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Abyssinian cat
Can you name the breed of this sleek feline?

The Abyssinian cat is a social feline, ready for a human companion but not necessarily a cuddler. Smart, energetic and loving, an Abyssinian is perfect for people who want a cat that will play and maybe even learn tricks.

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ocicat cat
What breed is this beautiful cat?

The ocicat is a gorgeous breed that looks like it has traces of its more exotic wild ancestors. Confident, outgoing and playful, they do best in an active household with companions to play with. And while they have a bit of that jungle cat look, they're amiable and easy to love.

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maine coon cat
What's the breed of this luxuriously furred friend?

The Maine coon has a coat that just makes you want to curl up and bury your face in the fluff. But that coat has a practical purpose. This is one of the oldest breeds in North America, and it needed a warm coat to get through freezing winters of New England. Relaxed and good-natured, they make a great family cat.

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american bobtail cat
This is not just your average neighborhood cat. Can you name the breed?

The American bobtail cat naturally lacks a full tail, a bit like bobcats and lynx. The breed started with a male with an unusually short tail that was picked up as a stray by a young couple. When he had a litter with the couple's female cat, the kittens all inherited his short tail. Some time and several generations later, a new breed was created.

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sphynx cat
What is this unusual breed called?

When this breed was first developed in the 1960s, the cats were called Canadian hairless cats. But some people saw similarities to the ancient Egyptian Sphinx sculpture, so the breed was eventually called the Sphynx cat. Despite the off-putting appearance (to some anyway), the Sphynx cat is very friendly and gets along well with people, dogs and other cats.

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turkish van cat
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Can you identify the breed of this beautifully marked cat?

The Turkish Van is thought to have originated in eastern Turkey. A rare breed, they are considered a regional treasure. Their coats are white with patches of color on the head and tail, though there are some that are born all white as well. They're clever and very active, so can be a bit mischevious!

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scottish fold cat
What is the breed of this distinctive-looking feline?

The Scottish fold breed originated from a single barn cat named Susie. Kittens of this breed are actually born with pointed ears. They only fold over after a few weeks of age, and only if the cat carries the gene for folded ears. About 50 percent of the cats of this breed keep their pointed ears as they mature. But for those that do fold over, a very distinctive look is attained.

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munchkin cat
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Can you name the breed of this unusually statured cat?

The Munchkin cat was developed to have short legs, but it is a fast runner with exceptional cornering abilities. Other short-legged cats have been recorded througout history, but this is the only recognized breed such a stature. The breed's multitude of coat colors and lengths reflects its genetic diversity.

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japanese bobtail
What is the name of this spotted breed?

The Japanese bobtail is considered the good luck cat of Japan, and has been around for at least 1,000 years. Whenever you see the caramic sculptures of a smiling cat with a raised paw, you're looking at a Japanese bobtail offering you luck. While the tail is naturally bobbed, each has its own twists and curves so that every cat's tail is unique, like a fingerprint.

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Bengal cat
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Can you name this beautifully patterned feline?

The distinctive spots and marbling of the Bengal cat make it a striking feline. It is the only domestic breed of cat to have a coat that so closely resembles that of its felid cousins, leopards, jaguars and ocelots. The breed originated from a cross between domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat. Because they are so playful, curious and rambunctious, life with a Bengal cat is never dull.

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persian cat
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This flat-faced feline may look familiar. Can you name the breed?

The Persian cat is a very familiar sight as it has been a popular pet since the 1800s, and several Persians have made it to Internet fame in the cat meme realm. While breeders have purposefully selected for that snub-nosed look, it does cause breathing, snoring and coughing problems in the breed.

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birman cat
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What is the breed name of this light-eyed cat?

The Birman cat has a striking appearance with beautiful blue eyes and a golden-cream colored coat with darker (usually chocolate) points on the face and ears, and white gloves on all four feet. A gentle disposition, playfulness and friendliness make it a great family cat.

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bombay cat
What is the breed name of this black beauty?

The Bombay cat breed was created by crossing a black American short-hair with a sable Burmese cat, to create a sleek, jet-black cat with large copper eyes. The original breeder had in mind a miniature version of a black panther, and after generations, the Bombay cat fits that look. Very friendly and loving of people, they're excellent family cats.

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american curl cat
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What is the breed name for this cat with such unique ears?

The American curl has unique ears that flip backward at the tips. The breed started with a stray kitten with strange ears that was taken in by a couple, and after her first litter of kittens had several with the same oddly turned-back ears, it wasn't long before breeders began developing a line that encouraged the gene that causes the ears to flip back. Perfectly healthy, the line makes for an ideal family cat with a slightly surprising appearance.

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cornish rex cat
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Can you name this unique cat breed?

The Cornish Rex has a very unusual coat. Unlike most cats, this breed does not have guard hairs and instead, has a wavy coat of just the downy layer of fur. Very soft and silky, the coat is compared to lamb or rabbit fur. As they require little grooming, the cat is often mistakenly labeled hypoallergenic. But like all cats, they do indeed shed.