How much do you know about these headline-grabbing pets?

Dog wins trophy and holds it in his mouth
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Cats and dogs have clinched world records and gone down in history for a variety of feats. How much do you know about our famous furry friends? Take the quiz and find out.

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Colonel Meow
Guinness World Records
The cat that holds the Guinness World Record for longest fur is named what?

Colonel Meow is a Himalayan-Persian crossbreed with 9-inch long fur and a reputation as a scotch-loving dictator.

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The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland celebrated the breed by doing what?

The Guisachan Gathering, a festival of all things golden retriever, took place in July 2013 and set a new canine attendance record with 222 dogs.

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cat wearing necktie
Which of these pets hasn’t served as mayor of a U.S. town?

Hank actually ran for the Virginia Senate in 2012. He ran as an independent candidate and supported spaying-and-neutering programs.

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Higgins the dog
Getty Images
Although his most famous was role was that of Benji, Higgins the dog first appeared on what 1960s TV show?

Higgins was rescued from a shelter by an animal trainer and made his debut on "Petticoat Junction.” He appeared in six of the show’s seven seasons.

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Sinbad the dog
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Chief Dog Sinbad served 11 years in which branch of the military?

Sinbad served in the U.S. Coast Guard aboard USCG Cutter George W. Campbell, and he even saw combat during World War II.

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cat looks through the blinds
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The CIA once tried to use a cat to spy on Soviets by doing what?

Unfortunately, Operation Acoustic Kitty was a failure. The cat was released outside a Soviet compound in Washington, D.C., during the 1960s and was hit and killed by a taxi.

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French sheepdog
A French sheepdog earned a place in the record books by riding 98 feet on what?

Norman the Scooter Dog also rides a bicycle and loads his own dishes in the dishwasher.

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cat on keyboard
A feline named Delilah was immortalized with her own song by what cat-loving musician?

Queen's frontman loved his cats. He even called home to talk to them while on tour and dedicated his first solo album to "all the cat lovers across the universe."

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A Pekingese named Puggy holds a world record that’s quite a mouthful. What is it?

Puggy's 4.5-inch tongue is so long that it hangs out his mouth and he even chews with it.

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Ronald Reagan's dog Lucky
Dirck Halstead/Getty Images
What made President Ronald Reagan decide that his dog Lucky shouldn't live in the White House?

Lucky was a little too spirited for presidential living, so she moved to Reagan’s vacation ranch near Santa Barbara, Calif.

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Maddie coonhound
This Wild Idea/Facebook
Photographer Theron Humphrey adopted a coonhound named Maddie and discovered she could do what?

Humphrey took numerous photos of Maddie balancing on everything from soup cans to fence posts and turned them into a book titled “Maddie On Things.”

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Lupo dog
Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images
Prince William and Duchess Kate adopted a black cocker spaniel and named it what?

The pup's name is derived from the Latin word for wolf. Since the royal couple adopted the pup, the U.K. has reported an increase in cocker spaniel thefts.

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Anastasia dog
Guinness World Records
A Jack Russell terrier named Anastasia holds a Guinness World Record for popping how many balloons in 44.49 seconds?

Anastasia's first professional balloon popping performance was on the Miss Dog Pageant.

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Who was the first Web-famous feline to get his own movie?

"Lil Bub & Friendz" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. The frowning feline known as Grumpy Cat will also be making her movie debut soon.