With approximately 78.2 million pet dogs in the United States it's clear that Americans are big fans of their canine companions, and advertisers have taken notice. Today, dogs are helping advertisers market not just pet toys and dog food, but also cars, beer and even the lottery.

Take a look at some our favorite commercials starring man's best friend.

Dog tested

In this Subaru ad, car salesman Grant Weber shows us the highs and lows of selling Subarus to dogs — and cats.

Bad dog, good Volkswagen

This Volkswagen ad demonstrates how keyless entry and pet ownership go hand in hand.

Lucky dog

In this sweet — but somewhat heartbreaking — New Zealand lottery commercial, a dog named Wilson sets off on an epic journey to return a winning lottery ticket to his owner.


Bud Light's hit 2012 Super Bowl commercial not only promotes the adoption of rescue dogs, but also stars a real-life pup rescued from an animal shelter.

The dog strikes back

A plump pup gets fit in this Super Bowl commercial — all to fulfill his dream of chasing a Volkswagen.

Dirty dog

When dust bunnies transform your dog into an entirely different — and dusty — breed, it's time get out the Black & Decker vacuum cleaner.

Every home needs a Harvey

Thinkbox, the marketing body for TV in the UK, showcases the importance of good promotions with Harvey, a shelter pup who makes his case for adoption.


This "contradiction" of a dog is the perfect complement to Starburst's solid-yet-juicy candy.

Dog acts like car

This Dutch commercial features yet another dog who finds inspiration in a Volkswagen, but the cute canine is worth a watch as he shifts gears and does dougnuts through the park.

The Bark Side

Volkswagen's Darth Vader ad that premiered at the 2011 Super Bowl was such a hit that the automaker came back in 2012 with another Star Wars-themed commercial dubbed "The Bark Side," which stars dogs barking to the tune of the "Imperial March."

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