There are many theories on why dogs enjoy playing fetch. Some people think man's best friend retrieves balls, sticks and other objects just for the fun of the game.

Canines enjoy running and interacting with people, so when they bring the object back, they're rewarded by getting to chase the item again.

Other animal behaviorists think a love of the game can be traced to canines' ancestry. Just as wolves chase down their pray and bring it back to share with their pack, perhaps dogs instinctually do the same with sticks and balls.

Regardless of the reason, there's no denying that most dogs love a game of fetch. And as the videos below prove, some dogs love fetch so much they'll play it alone — or even attempt to play with babies and statues.

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Dog's DIY game of fetch

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No eyesight required

Four hands and not one will throw the ball

It's slippery out there

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