Mustaches, beards and other facial hair can often make a statement — whether you're a person or a cat. Check out these furry felines who, thanks to Mother Nature's sense of humor, look permanently distinguished, surprised or just plain silly.

cat with mustache

Photo: Ⅿeagan/flickr

kitten with mustache

Photo: Flackjack/flickr

cat with goatee

Photo: aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR/flickr

gray cat with mustache

Photo: hamilton_the_hiptster_cat/Instagram

white cat with black markings

Photo: Ekaterina Sotova/flickr

cat with mustache

Photo: Dominic Mercier/flickr

cat with funny eyebrows

Photo: lazyelsiemarley/flickr

cat with mustache

Photo: notorious d.a.v./flickr

cat with mustache

Photo: Dominic Mercier/flickr

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10 felines with funny 'facial hair'
These kitties always make an impression, thanks to their distinctive facial markings.