Many dogs can sit, fetch and roll over, but have you ever seen pups that say "I love you," cross their eyes and perform various household tasks on command? We've collected some of the most impressive dog trick videos on the web, which prove that dogs — both young and old — can learn new tricks.


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Purin the Super Beagle

This adorable beagle in Japan has numerous YouTube videos that showcase his many talents. He skateboards, plays piano and does doggy headstands. It's no wonder he has 2,000 Facebook fans!


Jenga dog

Alton Bollom trained his girlfriend's golden retriever to balance 36 Milk-Bones on his nose — Jenga style. A video of the impressive stunt went viral, prompting comments that the treats were glued together and that the trick was cruel to the dog. However, Bollom posted other videos to prove the trick was real, and he says that the pup is rewarded for his patience. After completing the epic balancing act, the dog gets three of the bones. Milk-Bone recommends giving dogs only about one to five of the treats per day.


Multi-dog tricks

Dog trainer Emily Larlham has clicker trained her three dogs to perform a variety of tricks. This video showcases her canines' many talents — from skipping and jumping on command to performing complicated weaving sequences.


Mishka the talking dog

This talkative husky rose to Internet stardom when her owner uploaded a video of her responding to "I love you," and the video now has almost 75 million views. Mishka's multiple videos that showcase her ability to mimic human speech have landed her on talk shows and TV commercials, and in addition to her YouTube channel, she also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account. You can even purchase Mishka's music on iTunes.


Just Jesse

This Jack Russell Terrier, who goes by Just Jesse on YouTube, performs a multitude of "useful dog tricks" in this three-minute video, including, making coffee, loading the dishwasher and removing his owner's shoes.


Eye-crossing dog

Teddy, a 6-year-old cocker spaniel, certainly has a unique trick: He can cross his eyes on command.


Along for the ride

Ruger, an Australian cattle dog, is nicknamed "Ru" because of his tendency to jump like a kangaroo. In this video, Ruger and his companion, an Australian cattle dog named Rain, are dressed for Halloween and Ruger is taking Rain for a ride.


Balancing boxer

Plenty of dogs can balance a treat on their nose, but this boxer named Honey can balance much more than just a Milk-Bone.


Sock it to me

Some dogs like to catch Frisbees, others like to catch socks. Watch as Drake the golden retriever sets a record for catching six socks in his mouth.


Paige the border collie

This 5-year-old border collie has an impressive Facebook following and quite a few tricks up her furry leg. In this video, she performs several tricks, including drawing with crayons and doing a little bit of laundry — alongside co-star Oscar the cat.


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10 must-see dog trick videos
Many dogs can sit, fetch and roll over, but have you ever seen pups that say "I love you," cross their eyes and perform various household tasks on command? We'v