You don't have to spend a lot to get your furry friends something they'll love this holiday season. In fact, if you get a little crafty, you won't have to spend a cent because you likely already have all the materials on hand.

From delicious homemade treats to easy handcrafted toys, check out some DIY gift suggestions that your pet would love to find under the tree.

Toys made just for them

Rope ball surprise toy for dogs

dog rope ball surprise toyThis challenging rope ball will be fun for your dog to unravel. (Photo:

If your dog enjoys getting treats out of his Kong toy, he'll love the new challenge presented by this DIY rope toy. It's easy to make and will take some time for your pup to unravel if he wants the tasty treat inside.

Cardboard cat rocket

cardboard cat rocket toyFor kitties who love boxes, this cardboard cat rocket will be a super gift. (Photo: Haley Pierson-Cox)

As all cat owners are aware, felines often prefer the box a gift came in to the gift itself. Indulge your kitty's fascination with boxes and do it with out-of-this-world style with the cardboard cat rocket.

Dog treat dispenser

DIY dog treat dispenserLet your pup work for his treats with this clever dog treat dispenser. (Photo: Alice G. Patterson/

Instead of feeding your canine companion treats, let him work for those tasty morsels — and have fun doing it — with this DIY dog treat dispenser.

Cat puzzle feeder toy

DIY cat puzzle feederThis easy-to-make puzzle feeder will keep your cat entertained. (Photo: Purina One)

Puzzle feeders are great ways to keep your kitty entertained and physically active, and there are numerous types you can make, which won't take you long at all.

A warm place to snuggle up

Four-poster pet bed

An old desk or table can be transformed into an elegant pet bed with just a little sanding and painting.

Upcycled suitcase bed

upcycled dog suitcase bedDon't ditch that old luggage; turn it into a clever pet bed. (Photo: Hey Paul Studios/flickr)

If you have some old luggage lying around, it won't take much work to turn it into a one-of-a-kind bed that both dogs and cats will love to nap in.

Cat hammock

cat resting in small hammockIt's easy to create a kitty hammock. (Photo: Julie Krawczyk/flickr)

Cats love lazing around in hammocks just as much as we do, so follow these simple steps to create the purrfect place for a catnap.

Tasty treats

Pumpkin dog treats

baking homemade dog treatsDon't make holiday cookies just for people; make treats for your pup, too. (Photo: RoJo Images/Shutterstock)

Pumpkin is high in fiber and full of nutrients, and luckily dogs think it's just as delicious as we do. There are numerous different dog treat recipes that incorporate this tasty fruit, so whip up something special for your canine companion to enjoy while you eat your own holiday cookies.

Kitty cake

cat with birthday cakeMake your kitty a cake filled with tuna. (Photo: Laura Moss)

Cats may not be able to taste sweets, but that doesn't mean they won't enjoy a cake. The main ingredient in this simple cake recipe is tuna, which your feline friend is sure to love.

Doggy ice cream

Puka helps herself to a delicious doggie ice cream sundae. Your dog will love this canine-friendly ice cream. (Photo: chilberg/Instagram)

It's never too cold outside for ice cream, so mix up this easy-to-make icy treat that man's best friend will devour.

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

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