From terrifying thunderstorms and Fourth of July fireworks to vacuum cleaners and dreaded bath times, there are numerous reasons that dogs seek out hiding places.

But while some dogs have a gift for hiding in plain sight, most aren't quite that clever.

Below, take a look at several dogs that would inevitably lose at a game of hide-and-seek.

Lisa's dog Ivy hiding from the vacuum cleanerPhoto: Lisa Agostoni

dog trying to hide under Christmas treePhoto: deovolenti/Flickr

dog peering out from blanketPhoto: Mike Carbonaro/Flickr

dog hiding in bushesPhoto: Joe Thomissen/Flickr

Kip the dog hiding under bedPhoto: Corey Wright

dog hiding under beach chairPhoto: Mike Carbonaro/Flickr

Tuffy hiding in blanketPhoto: Anna Norris/MNN

white dog hiding under furniturePhoto: Randy Robertson/Flickrdog hiding head in blanketsPhoto: Laura Cummings/Flickr

dog hiding under tablePhoto: jljohnstone/Flickr

dog hiding under towelPhoto: Paolo/Flickr

dog wrapped in comforterPhoto: Marco Wiedmann/Flickr

dog hiding under chairPhoto: Andrew Roberts/Flickr

dog trying to hide under deskPhoto: jljohnstone/Flickr

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