Cats may have a reputation of being aloof and uncommunicative, but they're actually quite expressive animals. In addition to purrs and meows, cats also communicate nonverbally. A cat's body language — especially its ears and tail — can tell you a lot, but so can its facial expression.

Here's a look at some of our favorite photos of expressive felines.

unhappy cat closeup

Photo: Tomi Tapio/flickr

curious cat, black and white

Photo: uncle.capung/flickr

angry cat

Photo: shadow planet/flickr

startled cat

Photo: willyf/flickr

happy cat

Photo: ddpool/flickr

content kitten

Photo: glennsajan/flickr

orange cat with tongue out

Photo: Elsie esq./flickr

black and white cat with soulful eyes

Photo: Irita Kirsbluma/flickr

cat with tongue out

Photo: wsilver/flickr

surprised cat with lights in background

Photo: Picture Zealot/flickr

sad-eyed cat

Photo: pb photoworks/flickr

kitten licks its lips

Photo: captainpancakes/flickr

cat with eyes locked on something

Photo: NathanF/flickr

come play with me cat

Photo: Gepat/flickr

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