Almost 20 percent of U.S. households are home to both dogs and cats, according to a Gallup poll. Although felines and canines don't have a reputation for getting along, these 15 pairs prove that interspecies friendship is possible.

dog and cat snuggling Why can't we all get along like this. (Photo: Roger H. Goun/flickr)

kitten and puppy snuggling Snuggling during a storm. (Photo: Rodger Evans/flickr)

dog and cat hanging out Dog checks out his new kitten friend. (Photo: normanack/flickr)

cat and dog playing

Photo: meknits/flickr

cat cuddling with great dane

Photo: Michael Newton/flickr

dog resting head on cat

Photo: HarshLight/flickr

cat and dog

Photo: Lil Shepherd/flickr

cat and dog cuddling

Photo: jeffreyw/flickr

cat rubbing on dog

Photo: eggmergency/flickr

cat and dog napping

Photo: felicidade /flickr

cat and dog naping

Photo: Anne Cloudman /flickr

cat and dog playing

Photo: Eran Finkle/flickr

cat and dog

Photo: Qole Pejorian/flickr

cat and dog cuddling

Photo: reader of the pack/flickr

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