With all that cats do for us — studies show they lower blood pressure, and anecdotal evidence reveals they make great alarm clocks — we decided to show our appreciation by putting together a list of our favorite things about cats.

Read on to see just how wonderful life with a feline can be and consider adopting a shelter cat of your own.

Does your cat have a special talent you're grateful for? Here are some qualities we’re grateful for.

kitten with man on toilet Photo: michellegibson/iStockphoto

Cats make ideal companions. Adopt a cat and you'll never use the bathroom alone again.

cat caught destroying toilet paper Photo: Justin Baeder/Flickr

Cats might not know who made that mess, but they'll examine the evidence for clues.

A cat stares at a laptop (Photo: ben44/Shutterstock)

Cats will let you know when it's time to unplug.

cat drinking from water glass Photo: Adam Jefferson/Flickr

Cats love to share. What's yours is theirs.

cat in desk chair Photo: Laura D'Alessandro/Flickr

Cats keep your seat warm — even if you only got up for a second.

sleepy cat looking at wine bottle (Photo: artyom_smirnov/Shutterstock)

If you have a cat, you'll never drink alone.

cat napping on shelf Photo: Paul Wordingham/Flickr

Cats make great decor. Considering redecorating? Skip the interior designer and simply adopt a cat.

tabby kitten lying in the dustpan (Photo: kyozstorage_stock/Shutterstock)

Cats are very clean companions that love to help with household chores.

cat waits at door (Photo: Koutas/Shutterstock)

Cats are quite adept at recognizing closed doors and will always alert you to their presence.

cat typing Photo: Graham Richardson/Flickr

Cats are great with computers.

cat sleeping on book Photo: ShelGreen/iStockphoto

Cats love a good book. In fact, they love books so much they'll often curl up on the pages while you're reading them.

cat hiding in drawer Photo: Melissa Wiese/Flickr

Cats know fashion. Think that sweater has enough fur on it? Think again. Luckily, your feline friend won't let you leave home without some furry reminders of his love for you.

Grey Scottish fold cat lying on its back on the floor with wooden texture Scottish fold cat lying on its back on the floor. (Photo: Vassev/Shutterstock)

Cats are experts in the fine art of napping and can teach you to do catch some Zs pretty much anywhere.

A kitten dozes on a woman's shoulder Do you have good cat sense? Then this cuddler job may be right for you. (Photo: lithian/Shutterstock)

Cats give the best cuddles.

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

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