Cats are notorious for napping in bizarre places — from the bathroom sink, to the top of the kitchen cabinets, to the middle of the dog's bed.

But these photos prove they aren't alone. Dogs also like to catch some Z's in odd places and in some highly creative positions.


puppy sleeping under stuffed animal

Photo: Megumi/flickr

dog napping in odd position

Photo: r christopher vest/flickr

puppy napping with baby

Photo: daveynin/flickr

dog sleeping on treadmill

Photo: normanack/flickr

dog sleeping on back

Photo: C G-K/flickr

dog sleeping on top of car

Photo: Getty Images

dog with head on floor

Photo: Kathleen Tyler Conklin/flickr

black puppy napping on back

Photo: billfromesm/flickr

dog with nose in person's neck

Photo: madaise/flickr

dog sleeping sideways on couch

Photo: billy.hamlin/flickr

dog with head on pillow

Photo: connielwfd/flickr

dog sleeping between boy's feet

Photo: Russ/flickr

dog sleeping on back

Photo: Tc7flickr

puppy sleeping partly in crate

Photo: xersti/flickr

dog sleeping funny

Photo: Allen/flickr

dog sleeping on back on couch

Photo: Les Chatfield/flickr

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