We may enjoy sledding, skiing and building snowmen, but we're certainly not the only ones who appreciate the occasional snow day.

Our canine companions can also have an incredible time playing in the powder. From burrowing in snowbanks to playing a frigid game of fetch, there's a lot about winter that man's best friend can enjoy.

For some of our four-legged friends, there's no amount of snow too high to conquer!

Check out these photos of dogs having the best snow day ever.

corgi in deep snowPhoto: Graham Milldrum/flickr

black dog with nose in snowPhoto: aaandreasss/flickrdog with toy in snowPhoto: marc falardeau/flickr

snow falling on dogPhoto: bambe1964/flickr

furry white dog leaping into snowPhoto: Hanna Gustafsson/flickr

dog licking snow off facePhoto: Andrew E. Russell/flickr

shaggy dog running through snowPhoto: Norlando Pobre/flickr

sled dogs in snowPhoto: Thomas Hubauer/flickr

dog with snowy facePhoto: Austin Kirk/flickr

dogs playing together in snowPhoto: Maja Dumat/flickrdog playing with toy ball in snowPhoto: Rex Babiera/flickr

dog wearing sweater in snowPhoto: Joel Sowers/flickr

black dog in snowPhoto: Kathy Sunderman/flickr

Maeby the dog in snowPhoto: Cody Wellons

husky lying in snowPhoto: Bryce Bradford/flickr

dog chasing toy in snowPhoto: niki3854343/flickrpuppy lying in snowPhoto: AJU_photography/flickrpoodle running in snowaPhoto: Perry McKenna/flickr

dog with snow on nosePhoto: Mike Tungate/flickrfurry dog running in snowPhoto: Maja Dumat/flickr

dog playing fetch in snowPhoto: rreihm/flickr

german shepherd in snowPhoto: Nikolay Todorov/flickr

two dogs enjoying a snow dayPhoto: kent/flickr

24 images of dogs enjoying a snow day
Man's best friend likes to play in the snow just as much as we do.