Nothing can lift spirits better than a glass of spiked eggnog — or a funny YouTube video. In honor of the holiday season, I’ve rounded up a few favorites featuring pets.

Dog receives 210 bottles for Christmas

Some dogs prefer a good Nylabone. Others go batty for a Kong filled with peanut butter. The pooch in this video quickly learns that 210 empty water bottles serve as a wacky, wild and wonderful way to say, “Merry Christmas.” Don’t miss his head shake at the end. Special thanks to Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan for sharing this sweet video on Facebook.

Santa Claws

Four years ago, animator Simon Tofield introduced a frisky feline to the world in a video clip called "Cat Man Do." 38 million downloads later, those simple line drawings of a cat have spawned a mini empire that includes books, games and a line of ceramic cat bowls. Tofield’s holiday video playfully captures all the reasons that cats should be kept far from the Christmas tree.

Papa finally gets a puppy

Jess Santana’s grandfather finally gets the Christmas gift he has always wanted — an adorably wrinkly English bulldog puppy. Try not to get misty-eyed as he reaches for the new addition. For those who plan to adopt a pet this holiday season, check out items you really need to start things off on the right foot.

Cats discover Christmas tree, but no gifts

There’s nothing like that moment when a child — or a pet — first lays eyes on the Christmas tree. But Casey and Sassy can barely contain their disdain after learning that they have to wait until Dec. 25 for their presents.

We’re getting a dog!

I cannot decide which part of this video is my favorite. Perhaps it’s when the youngest child grimaces after opening her gift and finding a dog brush. I also love when the kids squeal after meeting their newly adopted dog, which causes the dog to run in the other direction. Fortunately, the kids and Daisy lived happily ever after. Here are tips to help kids and pets peacefully coexist long after you put away the tree and the tinsel.

5 Christmas videos of cats, dogs and kids guaranteed to make you smile
Nothing can lift spirits better than a glass of spiked eggnog — or a funny YouTube video. In honor of the holidays, here are a few favorites featuring pets.