Have you joined Pinterest yet? This addictive social media site allows users to create virtual bulletin boards and “pin” interesting photos. I joined the Pinterest party a few weeks ago and now spend my downtime pinning recipes that I’ll probably never try and pressing the "Like" button on impossibly cute pet pics. As a (recovering) pack rat, I love that pictures pinned to my boards last forever. This one attribute makes Pinterest a great one-stop shop for fun pet products, information and, yes, cute pet pics. Check out these five pet-focused boards worth following on Pinterest.

Pinterest petmd1. PetMD.com’s Top Ten Lists

I’m a sucker for lists, and PetMD aims to please with a fun assortment of vet-approved tips arranged by topic. Want news you can use? Be sure to pin "5 Exercise Tips for Arthritic Pets." I prefer the cheeky stuff and always get a few giggles reading lists like the "Top 10 Reasons Dogs are Better than Boyfriends." I also plan to spoil my dog Lulu with suggestions from the list "10 Ways to Appreciate Your Dog."

Pinterest ASPCA2. ASPCA’s Plants Toxic to Pets

Pet owners frequently email me asking whether a particular plant is toxic to pets. Rather than confess that my home is where plants come to die, I send them to the ASPCA poison control center, which has an extensive list arranged by name. Following the ASPCA’s toxic plant Pinterest board makes it even easier to identify potential hazards while shopping for new plants this spring.

Pinterest Fido Friendly3. Fido Friendly's Travel Destinations

Finding pet-friendly vacation spots can be a challenge. Fortunately, FidoFriendly does the legwork, scouting the country for destinations that open their doors to well-behaved pooches. There’s no shortage of options, ranging from bed and breakfasts to chic resorts. For more vacation inspiration, check out these five pet-friendly locations.

Pinterest Modern Cat4. Modern Cat's Catitude

Fans of all things catty will fall for every board created by Modern Cat Magazine. I’m partial to “Catitude,” which features fabulous photos ranging from cats in berets to models donning cat bustiers. But “Cat Scratch Fever” and “Home is Where the Cat Is” also deliver a fun and funky assortment of virtual catnip.

Pinterest Dog Milk5. Dog Milk's Clothing

Dog-Milk.com is my go-to resource for all things cool — and a bit kooky — in the world of dog gear. (Have you seen the sweaters made from dog fur?) This modern style guide’s assortment of Pinterest boards provides enough eye candy to keep me busy during long train commutes. You’ll go pin-happy perusing the eco-friendly board, and be sure to scroll through the mix of DIY and super-luxe furniture ideas. For me and Lulu, it’s all about the cool collars and hoodies on Dog-Milk’s collars and clothing boards. Shouldn’t every pooch have a Paul Frank hoodie?

Happy pinning!

— Morieka Johnson

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