GoPro technology has brought us numerous memorable animal videos, from a zoologist cuddling with lions to a diver who freed a grateful sea turtle from fishing line.

And with its new GoPro Fetch, a harness that allows users to mount GoPro cameras on their dogs, video footage is truly going to the dogs.

The device allows dog owners to truly see the world as their canine companions do, and users have captured some unforgettable footage of dogs, running, fetching, jumping, swimming — and even scoping out shoes at Fashion Week.

Check out some of our favorite dog's-eye view videos below.

Race to the ocean

In a video that's sure to make you smile, watch what happens when an excited dog is let off his leash to run to his heart's content.

A whole new angle on Frisbee

With ears flopping and fur flying, this talented pooch jumps and dives to catch a Frisbee again and again.

Trend spotter

Meet Sergio, a miniature Dachshund with style. This tiny pup wore a camera collar during London Fashion Week so he could capture footage of the season's hottest shoes.

Ready, set, dive!

Watch this water-loving dog dive off a pier, go for a swim and emerge on the beach ready for a nap.

It's a good day to be a dog

Take in the gorgeous scenery of Alaska's Eklutna Lake as this dog runs, swims and fetches with a camera strapped to his back.

Getting a rear view

So it's not quite a dog's-eye view, but you have to admit it's pretty cute to watch this happy dog's tail wag as he plays.

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