While it's normal to see a dog obeying its owner's commands to "sit" or "shake," it's far less common to observe a cat doing the same. What makes cats more difficult to train than dogs?

For starters, dogs are group animals that look to their owners for leadership, and they form attachments to their "pack" instead of their territory. Because dogs learn by observing their pack, it follows that they respond readily to reward-based training. Cats, on the other hand, don't develop such a strong pack structure where leadership is important; instead, they become attached to their territory. Cats don't look for a leader to follow, so teaching them to obey commands can be a more trying process.

Still, the vidoes below prove that cats can learn quite a few tricks when given proper motivation.

Anything dogs can do...

Kizzy the Bengal cat sits, lies down and gives a whole lot of high-fives — all on command.

Street-smart cat

Don't want to get hustled on the street corner? Perhaps you should bring this kitty with you before playing a round of the Magic Cup Game.

Another cat bites the dust

Cooper, an adorable Persian cat, has learned to play dead when he hears his owner say, "Bang." His sidekick, an exotic shorthair kitten named Pancake, simply watches as his fluffy friend bites the dust over and over.

Fetching feline

This kitten proves that dogs aren't the only ones that enjoy a game of fetch. In fact, this feline gets so impatient while waiting to chase the ball that she cries until her owner throws it.

One-cat show

Kaiser, a purebred Bengal cat, is probably one of the most well-trained cats on the Web. From skateboarding to barrel-rolling, it seems there’s nothing this clicker-trained cat can’t do. His owner even refers to him as "a little dog in a cat costume.”

If the feline fits...

This fluffy feline seems to be mostly fur. How else could he fit his entire body inside this bowl?

Tumbling cat

Cats are known for their impressive jumps and midair flips, but have you ever seen a cat simply somersault on the carpet?

Hold on tight

Tony, a polydactyl cat with 12 fingers and 10 toes, demonstrates how her extra digits enable her to hold on tight and balance in a variety of high-rise, human-assisted situations.

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From fetching and rolling over to skateboarding and playing the Magic Cup Game, these felines prove that dogs aren't the only ones who can do tricks.