With their compact bodies, expressive faces and playful dispositions, pugs are big personalities that come in small packages.

We've rounded up 10 videos that showcase some of the most adorable and hilarious pug moments caught on camera. Take a look.

You talking to me?

Mabel, Minnie and Max are all ears at the offer of taking a walk or going for a ride.

The stairs are lava

Watch Magic the pug's unique method for climbing the stairs to go to bed each night.

Screaming Pug Rocket

Think pugs are lazy and slow? You haven't seen the Screaming Pug Rocket.

And that's why you should always leave the seat down

Maggie was accustomed to hopping onto the toilet seat when her owner brushed her teeth, but this little pug has since learned to check to make sure the seat is down first.

Bad boy


Bandit has been a bad boy — he licks everything and he's been caught chasing the cat — but he gets off easy with just a gentle scolding. Probably because of his puppy dog eyes.


When Happy the pug needs a snack, nothing satiates his hunger like a banana.

Out for a stroll

Watch Jenny push her stuffed pug puppies all around Portland, Ore., in a stroller.

Bath time

These three tiny pug puppies are in need of a bath, and their mom is only too happy to oblige.

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