Cats often have a bad reputation when it comes to their interactions with local wildlife. A study by the University of Georgia and National Geographic found that U.S. felines might kill as many as 4 billion birds and other animals each year, and a New Zealand economist wants to eradicate cats in his country to protect native species. But not all feline wildlife encounters are deadly ones.

We've rounded up nine videos of cats coming face to face with wild animals — from bears and bobcats to deer and dolphins — and the kitties' reactions may surprise you.

Bobcat buddy

Walnut the cat meets a big kitty cousin through the glass door of his Arizona home, but the bobcat seems unimpressed.

Scaring off a camel

Pancake has his first encounter with Nessie the dromedary, and surprisingly, the camel seems terrified of the tiny kitten.

Close encounter of the deer kind

Snuggles isn't sure what to make of the buck that's wandered into his backyard.

Seaside meeting

A tabby cat named Arthur makes quick friends of a few dolphins at an Islamorada, Fla., marine park.

Terrifying peacock encounter

This black cat has no intention of making a peacock into a meal. In fact, he looks downright terrified as the peacock steps closer and closer.

Raccoons rile up the cat

A hissing Chester attempts to defend his home against a family of curious raccoons.

Friendly fox

An adorable red fox likes to visit his feline friend every day, but Alfie doesn't seem to enjoy their encounters quite so much.

Bear in the window

This kitty is quite upset when a black bear blocks her view of the yard.

Alaskan encounter

A woman returns to her home in Alaska's Aleutian Islands to find her cats hanging out on the porch with three eagles and a fox.

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9 videos of cats meeting wildlife
Whether they're exploring the backyard or peering through the window glass, cats are curious about the wild world and its many animal inhabitants.