Florida Animal Control workers were greeted with an unusual sight in October when they responded to a report about an abandoned dog and kitten.

Sitting at the end of an Osteen, Fla., driveway was a dachshund that was very protective of a partially paralyzed tuxedo kitten.

The pair was taken to Seminole County Animal Services where both animals were found to be in good shape.

Workers named the 2-year-old dog Idgie and the now 7-month-old kitten Ruth after the main characters in "Fried Green Tomatoes."

Veterinarians have been unable to determine exactly what caused Ruth's paralysis. Ruth isn't in any pain though, and she'll undergo additional testing to determine if her condition is treatable.

Idgie and Ruth were adopted together by Jacqueline Borum, and they share a special pen at Borum's business, Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa in Lake Mary, Fla.

The unlikely pair are inseparable, and Borum says Idgie constantly looks for Ruth when they're not side by side.

"When Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to the cat, Ruth," Borum told local Fox affiliate WFLX. "They pretty much share everything."

Ruth and Idgie's story recently went viral, and Borum said the adorable duo often get visitors who stop by to scratch their ears or bring them presents.

Project Paws is currently accepting donations to help pay for Ruth's medical treatment.

Meet Ruth and Idgie in the video below.

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Abandoned dog and kitten defy the odds by sticking together
Idgie and Ruth were found abandoned on a Florida street, but they were adopted together and have become local celebrities.