Cafferty, a gray Persian cat from England, lost his left hind leg in 2003 after he was run over by a car.

The 3-year-old cat’s left front paw was also badly injured, and his owner, Sue Greaves, paid more than $4,000 for a series of operations to save it.

For the next 10 years, Cafferty got around just fine on three legs, but a few months ago a malignant tumor was found on the cat’s front left leg.

Greaves was advised to put the aging Persian down, but she opted to have the limb amputated instead, insisting that Cafferty would adapt just as he had in the past.

The surgery left him with two legs on the same side, but it hasn’t slowed him down. Although he was expected to spend weeks in recovery, Cafferty was moving around on two paws within a matter of days.

And less than two months after he became a biped, the frisky feline has mastered the two-legged walk.

“Everyone who sees him is astonished at what he can do,” Greaves told the Daily Mail. “He doesn't seem bothered at all by having only two legs.”

See just how well Cafferty gets around in the video below.

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