A recent video by Royal Dutch Airlines likely had passengers tempted to leave items on its planes.

In the video, the airline claimed that its newest employee was Sherlock, a beagle that sniffs out passengers at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to return forgotten objects.

KLM receives 40,000 questions via social media weekly, and many of those inquiries are about missing items.

So the company decided to create a Lost & Found team that uses seat numbers, phone numbers and social media posts to help reunite passengers with their belongings.

The airline says the team is able to successfully return about 80 percent of items found on its planes.

KLM demonstrated its dedication to finding and returning lost items by creating a fun video starring a fictional canine employee. (We were devasted to find out he was fictional too, thus the first version of this story.)

"We were told that the members of KLM’s Lost & Found team sometimes track down passengers before they even realize they've lost something," Alex Herwig and Jeroen Thissen, creatives at DDB & Tribal Worldwide, told Media Bistro. "We feel they are a bit like detectives. So to illustrate that KLM goes above and beyond for their passengers, we decided to involve a search dog."

In the video, Sherlock reports for duty when a cellphone turns up on a recently vacated plane. He sniffs the object and once it's been zipped into his vest, he takes off to find its owner.

Beagles are known for their noses, which have 225 million scent receptors, allowing them to easily follow scents. (For comparison, human noses have a mere 5 million scent receptors.)

The breed is a familiar sight in airports as the USDA uses the dogs in its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. Such dogs are known as the Beagle Brigade, and they sniff luggage for restricted items like unauthorized food products.

The Beagle Brigade program averages around 75,000 seizures of prohibited agricultural products a year, according to the USDA.

Watch Sherlock in action in the video below.

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Airport beagle returns passengers' forgotten items (but only in this adorable video)
Sure, it sounds too good to be true, but we wanted to believe. Besides, this video shows just how fun forgetting something on the plane ought to be.