When the school bus pulls into the neighborhood, most kids don't jump up and down, giddy with joy. But that's because they're not going to doggy daycare.

When the canine shuttle bus shows up, it's a different story. Tails wag wildly and pups spin and bark with glee. They know they're going somewhere fun to play and wrestle with their very best friends.

Several dog daycare and boarding facilities use buses to transport their four-legged guests when their owners can't easily make the trip. They're typically secured in crates or they get to ride on seats, but are attached via harnesses. Some may let the dogs ride loose in the back, which isn't the safest choice, but the playdate no doubt starts early.

gullivers doggy daycare bus The Gully Bus takes pups to and from daycare and boarding in Vermont. (Photo: Gulliver's Doggy Daycare)

At Gulliver's Doggie Daycare in Williston, Vermont, drivers will even go into your home and pick up your pup in the morning or drop off your newly exhausted dog at the end of the day as long as you give them a spare key or tell them where one is hidden. The brightly colored purple Gully Bus is hard to miss. Pups ride in crates where they can socialize and snooze next to their friends.

Sting and Vel dozing inside the doggy daycare bus Sting and Vel doze inside the bus on the way home. (Photo: Gulliver's Doggy Daycare/Facebook)

At The Common Dog in Everett, Massachusetts, the shuttle bus transports dogs to several locations in the area for daycare, boarding or for spa treatments.

Common Dog shuttle bus Some dogs nap and some just can't stay in their seats on this doggy shuttle. (Photo: The Common Dog/Facebook)

Dogs must board the bus sporting their own harnesses, then they get to ride on the seats next to their pals, buckled in for safety.

dogs and daycare bus Dogs can't wait to see the new arrivals, but it might also be time for their ride home. (Photo: Goodhands Boardingkennels/Facebook)

The owners of Good Hands Boarding Kennels in North Sydney, Nova Scotia, bought a tiny school bus last fall and outfitted it with rows of kennels to help their human clients get their pets to and from fun days of daycare. The bus makes morning and afternoon routes, weather permitting.

Dogs wait to hop out of their school bus. Dogs wait to hop out of their school bus. (Photo: Doggie School Bus/Facebook)

At the Doggie School Bus in West Linn, Oregon, dogs ride in the back with their buddies. Look how happy Rudy is when his mom tells him it's time to go to school. The Doggie School Bus pulls up and Rudy is off and running.

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All aboard the doggy daycare bus
Dogs are much more excited than kids to see their school buses pull into the neighborhood.