There's something so fun about bubbles. Those squishy, magical balls come floating down just asking to be chased ... and popped!

Little kids, of course, can't get enough of them. But there are plenty of four-legged creatures that are mesmerized by bubbles, too. Here's a look at all sorts of dogs, cats and other critters playing, chasing and being utterly intrigued by these drifting balls of air.

Take these fluffball kitties, for example. They're quite adept at catching the mysterious floaters!

And Zoe the dog is overjoyed with her backyard bubbles.

Zoe the Rottweiler attacks bubbles with zesto. Zoe the Rottweiler attacks bubbles with zesto. (Photo: oahuuu/Reddit)

Fennec fox Amir at the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson, Arizona, has a little fun and gets some exercise by chasing bubbles blown by his keepers.

This horse isn't so sure what to think of bubbles.

Horse meets bubbles for the first time. Horse meets bubbles for the first time. (Photo: passportVAMOS/Reddit)

Audrey the chihuahua couldn't be cuter as she playfully attacks them.

But sometimes Bubbles are serious business. This kitty shows 'em who's boss.

kitten attacks bubbles This kitten has a full-on war with bubbles. (Photo: Karmic-Chameleon/Reddit)

Laura the chameleon likes to pop bubbles, too.

Kimiko looks like she can fly when she plays with her backyard bubble machine.

Kimiko the cattle dog plays with bubbles. Kimiko the cattle dog dances with bubbles. (Photo: swamp_magic/Reddit)

Wolves aren't above playing with bubbles.

Oh, the anticipation as you wait for the bubbles to fall.

puppy waiting for bubbles to fall This puppy is ready and waiting. (Photo: Twzl/Reddit)

Leo the cat is very graceful with his popping. (The music makes it even more enjoyable.)

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