There's no better time than the fall to help local pet shelters. (After all, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.)

Luckily, Walk for a Dog app just made this a whole lot easier, by focusing on something people are already doing and finding a way to benefit pets at the same time.

This dog-powered fundraising program is taking sidewalks by storm as owners grab the leash, the dog and a pair of shoes before hitting the streets to benefit animal shelters and organizations around the country.

Here's how it works:

First, you download the Walk for a Dog app. When you get the app, you can check to see if your shelter is already listed by searching for the organization's name. And don't fret, if your favorite shelter isn't listed, you can send an email to the company and they'll work to get your organization on the app.

Once you've downloaded the app, press "Start Walking," and the app will keep track of your walk. When the walk is over, the credit goes to your shelter or rescue organization.

Typically, sponsors are donating 11 to 25 cents per mile — just for taking your canine pal for a walk, which is something you should be doing anyway!

The amount donated depends on the number of people who sign up for particular organizations. The more people per organization, the more money that can be donated.

And CEO Doug Hexter emphasizes that it's important to know that every walk counts, whether it's a quick lap around the block or a 5-mile hike.

Now, not only are you and your dog getting exercise, but you're helping organizations along the way.

The best part? If you're a dog lover but don't have a dog, or maybe your dog is unable to go on walks, you can still walk for dogs at a shelter by setting up that scenario in the app.

To date, dog walkers have logged more than 800,000 miles on Walk for a Dog, which has resulted in $10,000 to be donated to nearly 4,000 animal shelters.

Walk for a Dog is a free app that is available in both the Apple and Google Play app stores.

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