If you find it hard to say no to your dog, you may want to make sure he isn’t reading this post over your shoulder right now.

Why? This Croatian beach will likely vault to the top of your dog’s bucket list.

The paradise in question — Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar — is nestled in the Podvorska harbor, which in turn laps up against the Adriatic Sea.

Dog on beach cabana with man Dogs can hunker down in cabanas alongside their human pals and, when the moment strikes, take the plunge. (Photo: Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar)

Opened in July 2015, the resort bar near Crikvenica may already be the world’s foremost destination for tourists of the canine kind — and, of course, the humans dragged along on the other end of the leash.

Monty’s brews a special beer just for dogs, essentially a heady concoction of chicken and vegetables, not to mention an assortment of pizzas and ice cream made just for the refined canine connoisseur.

Dog sitting at bar There's herbal tea for dogs who aren't into beer. (Photo: Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar)

But let's face it: dogs don’t come here for the beer. There's that little detail about the cool, crisp waters of the Adriatic — and the fact that dogs can paddle to their heart's content.

Dog splashes in water at beach If you thought dragging your dog home from the dog park was tough, imagine trying to get him out of here. (Photo: Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar)

And, as humans well know, a dog and a beach is a many-splendored thing. For the tuckered terrier, there are also special loungers for reposing in, or of course, from which to ogle passing dogs.

Sure, there’s plenty to do for humans too — like swimming, sipping the kind of beer that offers an actual buzz and, most importantly, splashing pictures of their pampered pooch all over Facebook.

Dog framed by window at beach The resort is open every year between June and October. (Photo: Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar)

"That is what people want, they don't want a dog beach on some periphery," one tourist told The Independent. "All together suits them, there is parking and it is in proximity of everything here in the town, so that is what people want."

"My dogs love to swim, they love it to lie on the air mattress in the water, in the evening they are then very tired and are looking forward to going back to the beach the next day."

And the whole experience, if you can find a deal on a flight, isn’t so rough on the wallet. A couple of sunbeds, for you and yours, costs around $13. And the bar is open until October.

But as we mentioned earlier, if your dog isn’t looking at this post right now, he will never be the wiser. Then again, have you seen your dog at all this morning? Better call him just in case. It’s a long swim to Croatia.

This beach bar is probably already at the top of your dog's bucket list
Opened last July, Monty’s Dog Beach & Bar in Croatia caters to tourists of the canine kind.