After seeing a video of a blind bulldog that had been dumped at an animal shelter, Cassidy Kraus and Brett Weyers knew the pup had to be part of their family.

The couple already had one blind dog named Sotiras (nicknamed Soto) and really wanted to rescue a bulldog. This 4-month-old pup named Batty seemed like the perfect fit.

The only problem? They live in Wisconsin and the dog was in Sacramento.

They applied to adopt the puppy from the Sacramento SPCA, but Krauss told Inside Edition, “I really didn’t think much would come of it because it was so far away.”

The puppy was born with a rare congenital defect in both eyes. Workers at the shelter believe the dog was the result of backyard breeding, meaning his parents were related.

Batty at shelter When Batty first came to the shelter, he wasn't in great shape, but SPCA cleaned him up in no time. (Photo: Sacramento SPCA/Facebook)

When he arrived at the shelter, he was covered in feces and had a large abscess under his chin.

The hungry pup was fed, given likely his first toy and soon learned to play and walk on a leash. Happily for Kraus and Weyers, their application was quickly accepted. They jumped in the car with Soto and made the 32-hour drive to California to see if the dogs would get along.

Soto and Ago with families at Sacramento SPCA The puppy takes a portrait with his foster family and his new family from Wisconsin. (Photo: Sacramento SPCA/Facebook)

The two dogs hit it off and the puppy — renamed Ago — is now back home in Wisconsin with his new family.

"He is absolutely wonderful," Kraus wrote on Facebook. "So full of love, cuddles, and playfulness."

Soto and Ago sleeping Ago and Soto get along perfectly together. (Photo: Cassidy Kraus/Facebook)

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