As far as suspicious packages go, the one left at the side of the road in Auburn, Washington, was certainly worth a call to the local police department.

Tightly bound in duct tape, it may have also been making strange scratching noises. And possibly twitching slightly.

Officers from the Auburn Police Department, responding to a late-night call from a passerby, arrived to investigate.

Understandably, they took every precaution when opening it.

And from that unmarked bundle, according to the department’s Facebook post, sprang a sweet bittersweet surprise: four little kittens.

Who would seal up kittens in a box and condemn them to such a cold, cruel fate?

Even police officers were taken aback, noting, “To those that left them there, shame on you!”

Finding new families

The Facebook post was shared more than a thousand times, eliciting the expected outrage as well as gratitude toward the officers who saved the young family — and, ultimately, offers to give them a real home.

But first, the weak mewling kittens needed to regain their strength at the Auburn Valley Humane Society.

And then faith in humanity made the most triumphant comeback. The shelter was swarmed with people looking to give the kittens a real home.

“We had people putting them on hold as soon as they saw the pictures the police department had posted,” Julia Sauer of the Auburn Valley Humane Society told Q13 Fox News.

And so, just days after coming in the door weak and bedraggled, the kittens were carried out of the shelter — adopted to different families — strong and secure in a bright and furry future.

“I think it’s really cool that we get to have a kitten,” young Mia Negron told the news station after naming one of the babies Scarlett.

Police officers find homes for a box of kittens left on the road
The shelter was swamped with calls to adopt dumped kittens.