When Quinn Scharn was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The bone cancer meant the Napa, California, boy had to have his right leg and hip amputated, SFGate reports.

As soon as Quinn woke up from surgery, he said, "I want a dog with three legs."

Quinn and his mother, Teresa Howell, spent two years searching for the right dog that needed a home. As the boy recovered, he would remind his mom about once a month that he wanted a three-legged pooch. But she would point out to her determined son that those special dogs weren't so easy to find.

Finally, on March 2, they found a video of a sweet pit bull mix named Logan on the Front Street Animal Shelter's Facebook page. Howell pulled Quinn out of school and rushed to Sacramento to meet the pup. But when they got there, they found another family had the friendly three-legged dog on hold.

"We went to see him in the kennel, and I was pretty emotional," Howell told SFGate. They asked at the front desk how long the hold would last, determined to wait as long as it took. Eventually the potential adopters called and said they had changed their mind and Quinn and his mom adopted Logan immediately.

Quinn immediately took to his new canine buddy, who was brought in as a stray with a broken leg.

Quinn is actually a two-time cancer warrior, having also battled it as a baby. This time around, he's finished with treatment and received the great news that he's cancer-free.

"It's been a time of uncertainty," Howell told the SFGate. "Seeing him with Logan, I can just tell all the other stuff is melting away."

Here's a video of the day Quinn and Logan met:

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Boy who loses leg to cancer adopts 3-legged pup
After fighting cancer twice, boy with cancer searches two years to find a three-legged dog to adopt.