Six little piggies in Germany have a new mother: a French bulldog named Baby that’s only slightly larger than they are.


The wild boar piglets were just 3 days old when they were found alone and shivering in the forest after their mother was likely killed by a hunter. The Lehnitz animal sanctuary took them in, and as soon as they arrived, Baby started snuggling with them to keep them warm. The 8-year-old bulldog has stayed with the piglets since then.


“She thinks they’re her own babies,” says sanctuary worker Norbert Damm.


This isn’t the first time Baby has adopted babies at the rescue shelter — she’s also played mother to cats, raccoons and several other animals.


Thanks to Baby’s constant care, the piglets are adjusting to life at the sanctuary and have even started putting on weight. Each of the six piglets (three males and three females) weighed in at less than 2 pounds when they arrived, but they’re being bottle-fed and are growing well.


In about three months, the piglets should be old enough to feed themselves and can be set free in a nature reserve — they can’t be returned to the wild because they have no fear of humans.


Wild boars are a common sight in Germany, even in large cities like Berlin. In fact, recent estimates have put the boar population at more than 10,000 in Germany’s capital city.


You can see Baby's mothering skills in action in the video below:


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Bulldog adopts 6 wild boar piglets
The pooch began caring for the orphaned animals after their mother was likely shot by a hunter.