The video above is heartbreaking to watch. A man pulls off on the side of a road in southeastern Dallas, as several cars and trucks race by. He gets out, opens the back door of his black sedan, and tugs on a long rope. Reluctantly, a black and white dog hops out. The man drops the rope, hops in his car and drives away.

The dog stands quizzically for a moment, watching the car leave.

The dog, later named Claira-Belle, was found by witnesses on Aug. 5 and picked up by Dallas Animal Services the next day. She was transferred to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Texas a few weeks later, according to a post on the society's Facebook page.

The dog-ditching incident was the first to be captured by cameras that had been newly installed in the area, a place known as a dumping ground for dogs, waste and occasionally human bodies, according to Dallas News.

After an investigation by the SPCA of Texas, 62-year-old Gorge Spears admitted he dumped the dog, saying he was trying to help his sister who couldn't control the mixed-breed pup. Spears has been arrested on animal cruelty charges.

In an interview from jail, Spears said he never would have left the dog if he knew he was being recorded. He also said he thought the dog had a better chance of surviving out on her own than in an animal shelter.

Turns out that wasn't the case at all. As a happy update, Claira-Bell (now named KD) has been adopted and is happy with her new family.

"She is quite possibly the sweetest dog I have ever met," her new owner writes. "From the time we got home on Saturday to now, KD has brought so much love into my home already. She enjoys cuddling on the couch, watching tv, and going for walks around the neighborhood. She is extremely calm and just wants to love everyone she meets."

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Camera catches man abandoning dog on side of road
Man is caught on camera abandoning a dog on the side of a Dallas road, leading to animal cruelty charges and his arrest.