Ba Boo, a 3-year-old Chinese Shar-Pei, has never had puppies, but she recently adopted a kitten — much to the surprise of her owner, who says Ba Boo often chases cats from the yard.

Sherry Brandt, of Kodak, Tenn., says her daughter rescued the kitten from a grocery store parking lot and decided to keep it, but they weren’t sure how Ba Boo would react to the new addition.

But the Shar-Pei took to Ally the kitten immediately, and began playing with her and even giving her tongue baths.

After the unlikely pair had been together for a few weeks, Brandt noticed that Ba Boo looked swollen.

"I thought she couldn't have milk because she's never had puppies. She's never been bred," she told WBIR.

But Ba Boo had begun lactating in response to the kitten’s kneading, and now she’s nursing Ally as if she were her own.

Brandt says that Ba Boo cleans the kitten, carries her around and disciplines her with a bark when she gets out of line.

"We're planning on keeping them together,” she said. "They seem very content. She looks at me very serious when she nurses like, 'This is so serious. I'm caring for my baby.'"

Watch Ba Boo and Ally snuggle and play in the video below.

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Cat-chasing dog adopts a kitten
The Shar-pei has a reputation for chasing a local cat, but she took right to the abandoned kitten and has even begun nursing it.