Bubba is a lot like other students at Leland High School. He goes to class, hangs out with friends and attends soccer practice. He even has his own Facebook page.

The only difference is that Bubba has four legs and whiskers.

Bubba the orange-and-white cat has been furthering his education at the San Jose, California, high school since he was adopted by the Marienthal family in 2009.

He was supposed to be an indoor cat, but with some persistent wailing at the door, Bubba persuaded the Marienthals to let him outside.

"He's really loud," Amber Marienthal told the San Jose Mercury News.

Now Bubba spends his days roaming the halls of Leland High and Bret Harte Middle School, which are both located near his home. In fact, his presence is so common at Leland that he’s been written up in the school newspaper, featured in the yearbook and even been issued a school ID card.

Sometimes Bubba will attend classes, meowing at classroom doors when he wants to be let in or out.

A Leland teacher once purchased treats for his feline student, but he quickly learned that wasn't a good idea.

"Bubba would [sit outside his classroom and] meow for treats,” Marienthal said.

Once classes end for the day, Bubba sometimes heads to the soccer field for practice, where he’s been known to lie down in the middle of a scrimmage waiting to be petted.

When students and staff head home, Bubba usually does too — except for the time he was accidentally locked in a classroom for 36 hours, but luckily, a security guard heard his loud cries and set him free.

Marienthal says she’s received no complaints about Bubba’s school attendance from staff or students. In fact, her pet has become a celebrity of sorts.

Students set up a Facebook page for him, which now has more than 7,000 fans. They even petitioned the school to erect a statue of Bubba on campus, but, unfortunately, their request was denied.

Laura Moss writes about a variety of topics with a focus on animals, science, language and culture. But she mostly writes about cats.

This cat rules at high school
An orange-and-white cat named Bubba has been regularly attending a California high school and recently received his very own school ID.