Nearly a week after an earthquake leveled homes and killed almost 300 people in Italy, one lucky cat was pulled from the rubble by a team of rescuers in the town of Amatrice, which was nearly destroyed by the quake.

The cat, named Gioia (which means "Joy"), had disappeared when her owner, Daniela Tursini, had fled from her home during the tremors. She was unable to find the cat when she left and has searched relentlessly for her ever since, asking firefighters to help her find the feline.

“I beg you, find my cat, she’s all I have left," she told them, the Telegraph reported. "My house has gone, I’ve lost everything,”

Six days after the earthquake, firefighters were using bulldozers to clear away rocks, when one saw the gray-and-white cat trapped beneath floorboards and twisted metal. They carefully extracted her from the debris and found that she was healthy but dehydrated.

Watch as the rescued kitty enjoys a much-need drink:

Volunteer veterinarians working with the Ente Nazionale Protezione Animali, Italy's animal protection agency, have been working tirelessly to care for animals injured and lost in the earthquake. So far, they've assisted more than 300 animals, including dozens of dogs and cats, a cow in labor, and even a pair of turtles.

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Cat found alive in earthquake rubble in Italy
Cat named Gioia or 'Joy' is rescued after days trapped under earthquake debris in Amatrice, Italy.