In 2010, Boston resident Sal Esposito (pictured at right) received a jury summons, but his caretakers didn’t think he should have to serve on the grounds that he's a cat.

Sal the catGuy and Anna Esposito had listed the domestic shorthair on the U.S. Census.

"Sal is a member of the family, so I listed him on the last Census form under pets, but there has clearly been a mix-up," Anna told local television station WHDH.

The couple filed to have their pet disqualified from serving, stating that Sal is “unable to speak and understand English.” They even included a letter from a veterinarian explaining that Sal is "a domestic short-haired neutered feline."

However, the court rejected the request, so Sal had to report for jury duty at Suffolk Superior Crown Court.

Guy said if Sal were selected for a jury, he’d serve to the best of his feline ability. Apparently the cat is a big fan of crime shows and "knows right and wrong."

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