Cats love science. They love working closely with their human lab/lap partners. They can't get enough of all those breakable flasks left on the edge of counters. And they're huge fans of lab rats.

Don't believe us? Take a look. We rounded up nine kitty scientists from various fields who are here to prove that you can't spell "feline" without iron, lithium and neon.

cat playing with yarnPhoto: billy verdin/flickr

cat beside knocked-over vasePhoto: KimManleyOrt/flickr

kitten with test tubesPhoto: Kachalkina Veronika/Shutterstock

black cat in boxPhoto: Tess Heder/flickr

cat doing sciencePhoto: Laborant/Shutterstock

cat walking on hind legsPhoto: Bondesgaarde/flickr

cat atop rockPhoto: Christine Majul/flickr

cat lying on bookPhoto: PushPictures/iStockphoto

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