From his outrageous statements to his infamous comb-over, Donald Trump is a regular target for mockery, and now felines are getting in on the joke.

Cat owners are repurposing their kitties’ excess fur into wigs that bear a surprising resemblance to Trump’s signature hairdo. (Yes, that's his real hair!)

After placing their handcrafted toupees atop their cat's head, people snap a photo and share it on social media with the #TrumpYourCat hashtag.

The Instagram account devoted to #TrumpYourCat pictures has amassed nearly 19,000 followers and inspired an animal shelter to Trump its felines to boost adoptions.

Animal Care and Control San Francisco has been sharing photos of its cats sporting Trump-inspired hairdos, and the pictures have been liked and shared on Facebook hundreds of times.

Several of the felines sporting cat coiffures have even found their forever homes.

However, as you’ll see in the photos below, cats aren’t the only ones perfecting their Donald Trump impersonations.

Trump hair isn't just for cats.

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Cats model Donald Trump-inspired hair
These felines may not be able to vote, but they sure can rock a toupee.