Gavin Buchanan with police dog

Photo: Police and Working K-9 Foundation

Two children recently made a difference in the lives of police dogs by donating money to purchase bulletproof vests to protect them.

In August, 5-year-old Gavin Buchanan donated $100 of his savings — which he earned from his allowance and Tooth Fairy visits — to a fundraiser for the Police and Working K-9 Foundation.

The Woodside, Calif.-based nonprofit provides bulletproof vests, trauma kits and patrol car heat alarms for working police dogs in the area.

Gavin presented the vest he helped purchase to Palo Alto, Calif., Police Officer Brad Young and his canine partner, Eddie.

In October, 10-year-old Massachusetts resident Allison Henry asked for donations toward a K-9 vest instead of birthday presents.

She raised $1,000, enough to buy a vest for K-9 officer Ryker of the Holyoke Police Department.

“I just feel like dogs should be safe because I really like animals,” she told WWLP.

Watch Allison give Ryker his vest in the video below.

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Children donate money to buy bulletproof vests for police dogs
In 2 separate occasions, these kids raised money to keep their local K-9 officers safe on the job.